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Jack Link's

Delicate strips of premium beef combined with secret Jack Link's family recipes, seasonings, and a little smoke. The result: delicious, high-protein meat snacks.

Jack Link's Jerky products

Jack Link's Original

Pure. Unadulterated. Genuine. Premium beef with a signature, slightly smoky sweetness ensures an authentic, enjoyable meat experience.

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Jack Link's Teriyaki

The best ingredients in the Wild West and the Far East come together. Savory soy sauce and a touch of ginger give the meat a fruity Asian flavor.

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Jack Link's Sweet & Hot

The irresistible combination of sweet and spicy leaves behind an unforgettable flavor on the tongue.

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Jack Link's Biltong

Seasoned, marinated and air dried select cuts of prime beef, ensures a delicious and unique flavor experience.

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