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Den beste jerky'en

I ❤ Jack Link's Beef Jerky. Original og Teriyaki versjonen.

Jack Link's Beef Jerky Teriyaki

Indiana Turkey Jerky

Salted ,Peppared
Real bite of protein

Stort sett bra

En pakke med hull i, noe tørt kjørt

Great source for protein

I find beef jerky a better source for protein than protein powder

Jack Link's Beef Jerky Original

Sad to Say

I’ve been a vegan jerky fan for years, and it saddens me to say that the MO Jerky I recently tried––both the BBQ and teriyaki––were the “least edible” plant-based (mushroom) jerkies I have tried. Overbearing flavor and inconsistent texture. These were very close to the “best by dates,” so I’m wondering if that might have ben the case.

Indiana Jerky Tuna Original

Indiana Biltong Original
Daniel André Strand
Veldig bra

Kjøpte disse og syntes de var kjempegod

I grew up on Biltong, and love it!

Remember biltong is not jerky. Jerky is smoked and added sugar/salt, but biltong is salted and cured. So it has a different taste, and is not sweet like jerky.

I grew up in South Africa, and this is what biltong tastes like :) Expensive but what can you do in Norge :/

Var veldig tørr i forhold til andre de andre merkene

Ikke så verst, men...

slår ikke jack links beef jerky original, eller teriyaki.

Kuivalihakundi Beef Jerky Original

Jack Link's Beef Jerky Sweet & Hot

Alles bestens

Jack Link's Beef Jerky Original

BiFi Minis 4-pack
Anders Erik Hansen

BiFi Minis 4-pack

Delicious, but quite unlike standard biltong

If you're expecting it to be "dry" like most regular biltong is, you'll definitely be disappointed. It's quite moist and soft no doubt due to using wagyu which is naturally fat and marbled - that said, I personally find it delicious, in part because I love wagyu and in part because the marinade is good.


Its good but it can be better😋

Kuivalihakundi Beef Jerky Five Peppers

Ad oggi non ho ancora ricevuto l'ordine

Kuivalihakundi Beef Jerky Garlic

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